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Intellectual Property


Trademark and Copyright Registration

LAWRENCE & ASSOCIATES, INC., economically handles registration matters for a wide variety of trademark and copyright applicants and owners. 

Work-for-Hire Agreements and Employment Contracts

We draft and negotiate agreements protecting the interests of authors and inventors, as well as work-for-hire agreements for employers. 

Trademark and Copyright Assignments and Security Interests

Our attorneys draft and negotiate purchase and sales or assignments of intellectual property rights. We also ensure that, when appropriate, security interests in intellectual property are properly perfected by entitled creditors. 

Trademark and Copyright Litigation

We also vigorously defend our Client’s rights in Court, obtaining injunctive relief and/or recovering damages when appropriate in State and Federal Courts. Your intellectual property only has value if you diligently protect its use and enforce your rights with skilled, veteran attorneys.  LAWRENCE & ASSOCIATES, INC., has successfully prosecuted trademark and copyright claims and obtained substantial money damage awards and settlements for our Clients in the United States and in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

If you would like further information about trademarks and copyrights, and protecting your intellectual property, please contact us for a no-cost initial consultation.

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